Quebec City: Booming, Willing, and Connected 

Key Advantages

  • Lowest operating costs, affordable electricity rates, competitive salaries and unique fiscal programs
  • Industrial diversity driving innovation: Québec City among the top 10 North American cities (2thinknow)
  • With 400 labs, groups, consortiums, institutes and research centres: one of the highest concentrations of research facilities in Canada
  • Knowledge-oriented employment market with 1 in 2 jobs created in the knowledge economy combined with a specialized and highly educated workforce
  • Among the highest GDP growths in Canada
  • UNESCO World Heritage site within a vibrant city in harmony with its spectacular natural environment


Capital city of the Province of Quebec

Key Sectors


Applied Technologies - 

Optics/photonics, defense and security, geospatial, digital arts and interactive entertainment, software and IT services. There are more than 540 companies in the ICT and electronics industry. MORE....


Life sciences/health and nutrition - 
Biopharmaceuticals, diagnostic, medical technologies and e-health, nutraceuticals, food processing and health foods. The region is home to 85 research centres, chairs and groups in life sciences and nutrition. Among them, Canada’s largest research groups dedicated to biomedical, infectious diseases and health foods.  MORE....



Value-added materials and transportation equipment - 
Plastics and composite materials, metallic structures and products, transportation machinery and equipment. These sectors play an important role in the regional economy with a total of 530 companies. MORE....


Insurance and financial services - 
Insurances, brokerage activities, venture capital, credit and financing, investment funds, banking services. Home to 10 insurance company head offices, the second-largest hub in Canada after Toronto. MORE....


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