Greater Montréal, A Place That Creates.

Key Advantages

  • Lowest business operating costs in North America
  • Most direct  economic access to the North American and European markets.
  • Largest intermodal port in Eastern Canada, access to the Great Lakes and Saint-Lawrence Seaway all year round
  • A highly educated force: Canada’s No. 1 City for university degrees awarded and a world-class academic network including McGill, which  is figures amongst the world’s top 25  universities.
  • in the world.
  • Knowledge- based industries such as ICT, Financial services and Agri-Food
  • 1st city in North America for international conventions


4 million 

Key Sectors

Aerospace - Greater Montréal is one of the world’s top three aerospace hubs, comprising 200 private companies and 43,500 jobs covering the industry’s entire value chain. The region accounts for 55% of total Canadian aerospace industry sales and 50% of its workforce. Moreover, most Canadian aerospace R&D is concentrated in Greater Montréal.  MORE....



Information and Communications technologies (ICT) - Greater Montréal’s ICT sector comprises more than 93,000 qualified employees in almost 5,000 organizations. Offering the lowest business operation costs in the sector among North America’s 20 biggest metropolitan areas, Greater Montréal has become a world-class hub for video games, special effects and multimedia. It’s ever growing start-up network ensures the region’s leading position in the industry.  MORE....


Life Sciences & Health Technologies - Greater Montréal is home to more than 600 organizations, including 150 research centres, making it one of North America’s leaders in the sector. The region counts 40,000 highly qualified workers as well as 27,000 students in fields related to the industry. In addition to low business operation costs, very generous fiscal incentives are available for scientific research and experimental development, as well as for foreign researchers and experts.  MORE....                                            


Clean Technologies - 1,000 organizations specializing in clean technologies, including 450 companies and 200 public research groups. More than 500 innovative companies and 70% of businesses in this cluster conduct business internationally. Greater Montréal is part of the first Carbon Market in North America with California. MORE....


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