Ottawa's social media app Bumpn jumps on Apple’s 3D Touch technology: ‘Finally in a position to be the leaders’

September 21, 2015


Bumpn, an Ottawa-based social media app, is poised to be one of the first applications in the world to take full advantage of 3D Touch released with Apple Inc.’s iOS 9 on Sept. 16. Bumpn is a mobile social media platform that allows users to connect through geolocation, was released about three weeks ago and a patent is pending for its integration of 3D Touch, which allows users to express their likes for a post through how much force they apply to their touch.

“It’s all about trends in technology. We’ve always been following, we’re always too late, we’re in Ottawa, and in [Silicon] Valley you have these companies that are so far ahead … [but Bumpn is finally] in a position to be the leaders.” said Moe Abbas, Bumpn chief executive and co-founder.

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