Cirque du Soleil plans permanent show in China beginning in 2018, following sale to TPG Capital

Montreal, June 15 - Cirque du Soleil will debut its permanent show in China at the beginning of 2018 in the first major announcement following the purchase of the Quebec-based company by foreign investors, including the Shanghai-based Fosun Group, which owns 20% of the company.  “It’s certain that having a local [Chinese] partner will help develop our chances of success in a big way. We’ve done a lot of research in the past years and the market is ready for us,” Laliberté said on April 20 when he announced the Cirque sale.

In a statement released Monday, the Chinese investment group said Cirque will premiere in Hangzhou at a specially designed theatre, with a show designed and produced in partnership with the Hangzhou Industrial Investment Group.

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