6 reasons why Silicon Valley loves Canada

Google, Microsoft, Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook, SalesForce and many other Silicon Valley giants all have chosen Canada to set up their offices. An article from Yahoo Finance indicates that there are 6 reasons to explain: 
1) Unparalleled quality versus the cost of engineering talent;
2) Tax incentives from the government;
3) Cheaper electricity;
4) Weak Canadian dollar at this moment;
5) Similar culture, shared time zones with the U.S., and,
6) One of the greatest place to live.

The article also mentioned that Canada is a great place to find new employees as Canadians are more satisfied with their jobs and less likely to ask for raises.

In terms of locations for setting up offices, there are a number of great Canadian cities to consider, each with their own benefits. Waterloo, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are mentioned. 

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