Government of Canada Contributes to World-Class Research on Species Identification

The government of Canada announced funding to support genomics research in plant protection and food safety. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the University of Guelph's Biodiversity Institute of Ontario (U of G - BIO) will partner to create tools to use genomics and DNA barcoding to improve species identification or early detection of plant pests and mislabelled fish and seafood.

The CFIA is contributing $323,000 over 18 months to support this collaboration. Canada is at the forefront of genomics and DNA barcoding for species detection and identification. The ability to accurately detect and identify species is a key component to ensuring a safe and accessible food supply and plant resource base.

"Our partnership with the CFIA will enable the University of Guelph to leverage opportunities in genomics that will modernize regulatory programs. We look forward to the exciting outcomes of this world-class scientific collaboration." said Malcolm Campbell, Vice-President, Research, University of Guelph.

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