Canada is finally developing a sustainable startup ecosystem

Razor Suleman, founder and former CEO of employee recognition platform Achievers, after a lucrative exit from the company he moved to Silicon Valley has come back to his native Toronto with a positive message: a sustainable Canadian startup ecosystem has taken at last. He points to companies such as PlentyOfFish, Shopify, and Slack, companies who have achieved unicorn status or which have undergone successful public offerings and exits, as a big part of what's fuelling his optimism. "What I learned in Silicon Valley is that those exits fuel the ecosystem," he says, explaining how they allow talent to move on and entrepreneurs to re-invest. "We've never had eight companies that achieved that level of success ever -- we've had the RIMs and Nortels, but one company doesn't make an ecosystem," says Suleman. "That's why I'm so bullish on Canada."

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