A deep dive into Canada’s micro climate for game investments

November 19, 2015

Dean Takahashi of Venture Beat, who moderated a session on funding for game startups at the Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS), says that Canada has a unique place in the game industry. It has multiple hubs across several cities that have become strong in both traditional and new digital game development talent. But the nation is weaker than other centers of gaming when it comes to franchise ownership, marketing, and online gaming. The result is that it also has its own unique investment “micro climate” when it comes to funding for game startups. 

At the same event, the Entertainment Software Association of Canada announced that the country has 472 active game studios based on a 2015 survey, up 143 from 2013. These companies contribute $3 billion to the Canadian gross domestic product, counting both direct, indirect, and induced jobs (those created by the industry’s own business). That’s up 31 percent from 2013. The companies employ 20,400 full-time employees, up 24 percent from two years ago, said Jayson Hilchie, the president and chief executive of the ESAC.

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Full report from entertainment Software Association can be downloaded here