Calgary is Canada’s energy centre — its energy exhilarates, invigorates and motivates

Calgary is Canada’s energy city, a diverse and prosperous city situated in the foothills of the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains

Calgary is an economic force and a catalyst for today’s trailblazers. There is an intense, urban vitality in the city that unleashes the bold, can-do spirit of entrepreneurs and innovators, artists and athletes. The city’s vibrancy and competitive spirit drive commerce, culture and sport. In every endeavour, Calgarians are risk-takers and visionaries, and they are thriving. The lifestyle is active, the Calgarian perspective is global and Western values run deep.

Volunteerism is in Calgarians’ blood. A handshake still means something. And who you are is more important than who you know or where you’re from. This is a diverse city that embraces change and change-makers, and supports and sustains its communities and its people. There is opportunity here – to start a business, start a new life or start an adventure. Everyone is welcome to be part of the energy.

Calgary is more than a city; it is a way of life. In 2013, Calgary was ranked as Canada’s best place to live by MoneySense magazine. In 2012 the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Calgary as the fifth most liveable city in the world. People in Calgary live an enviable lifestyle — in one of Canada’s smartest, most cultured and most active cities — and Calgarians have a focus on family and a sense of community. 

Why Calgary

Calgary has been successful in attracting national research initiatives focused on research and innovation in greenhouse gas emission reductions, renewable energy and energy systems and technologies.

Calgary’s Sustainable and Renewable Energy (SURE) sector is unique. Calgary is a global energy centre, and its strengths have been built upon the province’s vast hydrocarbon resources. Few regions in the world can match the breadth and depth of Alberta’s significant oil, bitumen, natural gas and coal sectors. Much of Calgary’s SURE sector has developed around technologies to ensure these resources are produced in the most environmentally responsible manner.

Globally, markets for renewable energy through wind, solar, hydro, thermal and biomass sources are expanding at a tremendous rate and Calgary’s SURE sector is also experiencing strong growth in these categories. Announcements of planned investments are increasing in Calgary’s SURE sector, focusing on areas including smart grid technology, district heat, cogeneration, biofuel and hydro power.

In addition to the talent employed in the SURE sector, the University of Calgary houses the Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy (ISEEE), which undertakes world-class interdisciplinary research, innovation and education. ISEEE focuses on creating secure, competitive energy supplies for a clean environment and a strong economy. 

Business advantage

As opportunities continue to open, Calgary is growing as a leading centre for sustainable and renewable technology, including carbon capture and storage (CCS) and CO2 air capture.

Collaboration and research between conventional, unconventional and SURE organizations will allow Alberta’s energy industry to remain competitive, drive economic growth and sustain production volumes.

Calgary means business and business that’s done under the most competitive tax rate structure in Canada. This rate sits at zero percent for sales, payroll and inventory taxes.

In addition, the corporate income tax rate is 10% and the provincial personal marginal income tax rate is Canada’s lowest at 10%. For the past decade Calgary has been Canada’s fastest growing city, and has learned the lessons of how to accommodate growing businesses.

Like the city itself, the city’s economic development agency, Calgary Economic Development, is collaborative, entrepreneurial, innovative, social, creative and global. As catalysts, conduits and connectors, Calgary Economic Development helps create the pulse and power that energizes Calgary. Calgary Economic Development is proud to be part of the energy that makes the city a dynamic place to work and live.

Future plans

Alberta’s energy sector is a key economic driver for Canada and will continue to be into the future. With Calgary’s economy firing on all cylinders, attracting new companies to the city is now more important than ever.

Calgary’s plans for future growth include:

  • Construction of the South Calgary Health Campus, the largest health care infrastructure project in North America, planned to start in 2015
  • In downtown Calgary, construction of an office twin tower with 56 and 42 stories, Canada’s tallest outside Toronto
  • A new ring road in southeast Calgary is under construction, completion is planned by end of 2013
  • A new runway at Calgary Airport, to be completed in 2014

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